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Ship Building

  It is well known that steel is one of the most important materials in the modern industry and for several years it has been the favored material for ship building applications. In Ship building (which encompasses the shipyards, the marine equipment manufacturers), durability and robustness are the two factors, which are elemental in determining the worth of accessories used during the production process.

Our steel pipes, tubes, plates, sheets, fabrications and other products are widely used in this industry for their excellent properties such as - high values of strength and fracture stability in combination with the reasonably good ductility and flexibility, tensile strength, elongation and reduction in area. Stainless steel products sustain longtime exploitation such as friction and corrosion and even after years of use, these products don’t practically change characteristics such as brittleness and hardness.

With modernized market places in this sector, the power of automated technological advancements is now being utilized at different levels. The process components that we design and develop, feature smooth operations, low maintenance and superior performance. They are easy to install and our engineers commence the job with perfection.