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Production Facilities

  A manufacturing company's strength lies not only in its tools, but also in the minds that stand a class apart and control them. Anupam Metals India has laid a strong and well planned manufacturing foundation at Mumbai. The industrial area is located 50 kms. away from International Airport. The manufacturing unit spread over an expansive 1.25 lakh sq. feet, housing more that 800 dynamic employees and is well managed by a team of 50 experienced personnel in the Administrative Department.

With the entire production process under one roof, the added costs of transportation and manpower is reduced to the minimal. This reflects in the cost effective products and services that Anupam Metals provides to its customers.

The company has the production capacity of over 1000 tonnes per month… currently one of THE largest in INDIA today! Being a single point manufacturing unit, which proves to be a major positive factor for the clients.

The manufacturing process houses, the finest machinery that provides for a technologically sound production unit. From Raw Material to Finished Products, all the procedures are undertaken with precision. The stages of production includes Designing, Tooling/Dye Making, Blanking or Circle Cutting, Pressing/ Deep Drawing or Forming, Rolling & Spinning/Extrusion, Annealing or Stress Relieving, Ribbing / Fitting and Buffing.