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Pharmaceutical Plants

  Steel Tubes India is a prominent name among suppliers of a comprehensive range of products for applications in pharmaceutical plants. We offer products that ensure improvement in operational efficiency, reliability and durability, which are thoroughly tested and pass through rigorous quality checks to ensure long hassle-free service.

Critical to several lifesaving medical devices and scientific instruments, our products are widely used for pathogen detection and drug discovery in the the industry. All our products are designed for easy cleaning and efficient draining applications. Tested for quality and safety, our products are easy to sterilize.

The pharmaceutical industry is a sector, which is engaged in regular research programs, of which laboratories are an integral part. All the laboratories require high quality steel pipes, tubes and fittings, which ensure smooth and streamline operation and hassle-free performance. Infrastructure for research and development activities could be classified into two categories.

  • Infrastructure for funding R&D
  • Infrastructure for undertaking R&D

Our products, which are used in the production applications of pharmaceutical plants and research and development activities include steel pipes and tubes, butt weld fittings, forged pipe fittings, flanges, plate, sheets, fabrications, forged pipe fittings and more.