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Paper Mills

  Paper mills are based on conventional craft process using wood as the main raw material. Though the machines used do not involve rigorous technical inputs but it is very necessary for them to be in good condition all the time. Reduction of emissions to maintain compliance with the required environmental regulations and to minimize the potential for expensive leaks is a strategic factor that drives the Pulp and Paper industry. Large number of fittings are required in the industrial set up of this segment.

The instrumentation and process components produced at Steel Tubes India features special characteristics including excellent resistance to highly abrasive media, hot & highly caustic slurries, and non-contaminating qualities to ensure that the requirements are met with precision.

The research and development facilities at Steel Tubes India along with our with world-class manufacturing capabilities for high performance paper mill products & equipments. We offer our exclusive range of products including pipes, tubes, flanges, butt weld fittings and more.