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Nuclear Industries

  This sector is still in its nascent stage but the future belongs to this industry for sure. Future energy and power requirements are highly dependent on nuclear industry and "safety" is the most important factor that determines the authenticity of the products used in this industry.

Companies operating in the Nuclear power sector are primarily driven by technical innovation, adaptability to new techniques and consistent safety concerns. The industrial components required by these companies should feature suitability against high temperature duties and should also possess the ability to resist abrasive environmental conditions and the retention of essential lubricants, which flow through them. Our products are specially designed to meet the requirements of this industry.

Our products, which are used in the various applications of nuclear energy and power sector include steel pipes & tubes, sheets, plates, flanges, forged pipe fittings, fabrications, olets and butt weld fittings. We specialize in customizing our products as various industrial set up varies in installation procedures.